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About My Approach

Relationship-centered. Experiential. Practical.

We humans are complicated and beautiful beings! And we are created for meaningful lives and deep connection in our significant relationships. Sometimes, though, our lives get off track, and we need help sorting through the pain and stress of the complicated pieces.  We need to nurture the parts of ourselves we've ignored, to expand our skills or to open new pathways for meaningful connection to ourselves and others.

I provide my clients with a safe space for exploration, healing, and growth.

I am passionate about supporting families, couples and individuals in creating lives filled with purpose and awake to the very best in themselves and each other!

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Grounded in proven relational strategies, attachment theory, and interpersonal neurobiology.

  • Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy

  • Training in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples (Externship and Core Skills 1)

  • Completed the Gottman Method (Level 1) of couples therapy

  • Internal Family Systems 101

  • Training in Dynamic, Enriched, Experiential Psychotherapy (DEEP) Model of psychotherapy

Life Experience

Diverse and relational.



Daughter. Sister. Friend.

Aspiring swimmer.


Lover of metaphors.


English teacher

VP of Operations for a small non-profit organization

intern at Capital Area Counseling

Favorite Resources

A few of the titles that I lean on for inspiration and wisdom.


Positive Discipline

Parenting from the Inside Out

Romantic Relationships

Wired for Love

The State of Affairs

Personal Growth


Daring Greatly

How to be an Adult

The Gift of our Compulsions

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“Insight is often a feeble tool in the face of life’s pressing urgency.” 

Augustus Napier

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Romantic Walk in Sunset


Insight can be helpful. However, as a therapist trained in experiential models of therapy and systems theory, I am committed to providing my clients with opportunities for experiences that go beyond insight—experiences of safety, strength, and being seen; experiences of leaning toward loved ones to see them more clearly; experiences of deep connection to Self and to others.

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What To Expect

Support on the Path of Healing

I offer warm hospitality to every part of my clients’ experiences. Whether your concerns relate to your body, mind, emotions, relational connections, spirituality, vocation, sexuality, or aspirations, I will provide a safe place to explore your current situation and move forward.

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